Succesfull: gnucash with mysql in MacOS with Homebrew
Ingediend op zondag 14 oktober 2018 om 12:29 uur door Elmar Otter
Today after years of trying and failing in installing GnuCash on my Mac with SQL support I had a success.
It was realy simple.

I installed Homebrew and MySQL with support of the LAMP site:''

Then I just typed 'homebrew cask install gnucash' and that was it. I now could open a mysql server. Then because working with Gnucash from remote is slow I made a bash script so you can open GnuCash on mySQL on your localhost and after your done you run '~/bin/' and it copies the sql to the place where your website is. I have this because I have build reporting modules on php and mySQL on my website.

The script:

mysqldump --databases gnucash --single-transaction --add-drop-database --triggers --routines --events > /tmp/gnucash.sql
mysql -u elmar -h gnucash < /tmp/gnucash.sql
rm /tmp/gnucash.sql

if you don't want to type your sql password all the time you run the script you can make a file named .my.cnf.
If you do that it is important that the passwords local and remote are the same:

user = elmar
password =